Thank You for Your Comforting Words!


“When the Music’s over, Turn out the Lights”

Condolence messages on KC’s death have been pouring in since Monday. We’ve had emails from US, London, calls from friends in the US, and emails and SMSes from lots of friends and even from people who never met or knew KC.

KC’s passing away hit us like a thunderbolt and while we are still trying to come to terms with reality, each of these messages have been a huge consolation and immensely comforting, with so many of you sharing our grief.

KC had lots of friends indeed.

However, some who regularly enquired, “How’s KC?” didn’t bother to offer one word of condolence. Perhaps they thought, ‘After all it’s just a dog’, so why bother?’

KC was laid to rest in our backyard and a ‘Green Memorial’ is work in progress. Hopefully, it should be done in the next 4-5 days. The Memorial will remind us of the love and affection, the joy KC gave us all these years. We will miss his physical presence but his memory will linger on for ever.

My new blog series, “Memorable Moments with KC” – a recollection of the joyous and happy moments, some unforgettable memories with our darling son, KC – will commence soon. I sincerely hope you will read these blogs.

Once again, thanks to all for sharing our grief.

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