Who Cares?

Isn’t it a pity that our glorious country with thousands of years of heritage is riddled with scams?

And now, all that hoo-ha we made of it being a super economic power is slipping down the drain?

Ask yourself this question? “Have we lost faith in the values our forefathers taught us to uphold? Have we no respect for the blood our freedom fighters shed to get us Independence? Have we become so accustomed to doing things wrong than doing things right because doing wrong brings brings in quick profits?

What confuses me is that all those scam-tainted waste not a single opportunity to pray at temples for the well-being of their families and themselves. And God watches all this happen right under his nose?

We forgive the wrong-doers because they belong to their caste or community and castrate wrong-doers if they belong to another caste or community. Isn’t that lopsided logic?

Ask yourself another question – are caste and religion so important that cheating people can be forgiven, if the cheats are from your caste or community?

India is slipping down the precipice and we watch as it does.

Who cares?

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