Stand up and Salute…

On this unproductive ‘Bharat Bandh’ day, while our countrymen are busy burning buses, scooters and making a nuisance on the streets in general, let those of us who have a sense of appreciation and patriotism stand up and salute Vishwanathan Anand for making this country proud.

In his hard-fought victory, one hopes that this true gentleman and patriot can wipe out a tiny portion of the huge black smear this country has been painted in. And continues to receive fresh coats of paint on an almost daily basis.

Anand will be long remembered as this country’s finest sportsman, but destruction of property – as is going on even as I write – will not bring petrol prices down.

Political parties are shouting themselves blue in the face claiming that the bandh was an All-India success, and the day is not over yet.

But that so called success is trillions of miles away to what Anand has achieved.

Chess is a game for the intelligent and played by gentlemen. Burning and stoning buses is a game played by ruffians and those who have nothing better to do but to stalk the street with stones.

Cheers to Anand, the Gentleman!

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