Lemon Tea, Toast and Scams

You’re right, long time no blog!

That’s because 2012 arrived with a bundle of ailments, gift wrapped. In all my 65 years (a few more months to get there) I’ve never, ever been within a 100 yards radius of a hospital. Doctors yes; those cuts and wounds, an occasional virus fever – but that’s about it.

And guess what 2012 had in store for all of us? Scams, scams and more scams. It’s petrifying to think that one leaves for work in the morning after reading about a scam and by the time you’re back a few more have taken place. Even MS Dhoni’s sixers aren’t so frequent.

Gosh! How do they do it?

At times I try to enact the scenario. I’m up at half past six in the morning, sitting on the potty and I’m thinking. How much today? About 10-15 crores of rupees? Let’s make it quarter of a million. Shouldn’t get too greedy in one go. After all, there’s another new day tomorrow. Then, I’m rushing through breakfast of a single fried egg, sunny side up, a blackened toast and lemon tea, and I hit upon yet another idea. Why not have a word with Raja and Kalmadi and get their expert advice? I mean, they are to scams what Sachin is to cricket. By the time I’m through with my breakfast and before I can start my car, I’ve abandoned the idea of experts and their opinions.

Risky business, that! I mean, I’ll have to make a dozen trips to Tihar jail to discuss R & K’s commissions and what not. Besides, too frequent visits to hobnob with jailbirds is a dangerous thing. I mean, the jail staff may think I’m an inmate and why the hell am I not in jail uniform? Lock the bugger up.

By the time I weave and worm my way through Bangalore’s horrendous traffic and am seated in my office sipping steaming black coffee, I’ve completely lost track of the key points of Operation Scam.

My thoughts are rudely interrupted by the constant ringing of my cell phone.

I answer.

“Arre Yaar, what happened? I’m waiting for you.” It’s Raja calling to remind me we were supposed to meet at 10.30 am in Tihar.

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