Mind Your Language, Annaji & Co!

Anna Hazare’s first fast touched me. It was a glimmer of hope. I said to myself, “At last, someone is moving and shaking this country’. This 70-plus old man had caused an awakening amongst the youth and his single point agenda was to erradicate corruption.

Then came another fast, then another and yet another, to the extent it sounded like crying wolf again. Last Sunday I think he fell flat with cake in his face. Everyone knows the power our politicians wield. They can make you or break you. And that’s why his sidies should have refrained from referring to our Parliamentarians as murderers, rapists and what not. Many are but one can’t paint all with the same brush.

What’s conveniently forgotten is that it’s we who put them there in the first place. Also, Anna & Co need to re-think. Are their supporters free from corruption? Do they get things done without offering bribes? Or, or those night vigils and gatherings a good outing excuse as a last resort if movie tickets weren’t available that Sunday?

Wither patriotism!

His associate, Arvind Kejriwal – this man is in deep trouble, I tell you – goes a step ahead and lists out politicians who are corrupt. Now, that’s a bit out of order. I think he’s opened his mouth a bit too wide to put his tiny, little foot in.

If he has the evidence then he ought to be urgently banging on the Supreme Court doors. “Excuse me Your Lordship”, and lay bare his facts. Interestingly, most of the names on the list are Congresswallas. That, to my mind is grossly unfair. Is he telling us that there aren’t any corrupt politicians in other parties such as the BJP, the Left, Right, Centre, Upside Down, Downside Up? What about all those elephants in Uttar Pradesh. Not those silly, I am reffering to the concretewallas.

Coming up: Bedi Biryani and Kejriwal Kachumbar.

If the likes of Sushma Swaraj, Sharad Yadav and many others can tear Anna’s accusations apart, I wont be surprised if there’s a storm brewing somewhere and when it hits, Anna & Co will be in the centre of that whirlpool.

And the rest of the country – all those who came in hordes, held candlelight vigils, and stuck bumper stickers on cars with the slogan, ‘I Am Anna’ – well, most of them will suddenly vanish into thin air. Who wants to be in the midst of a lathi-charge? All said and done, deep down inside we are a nation mostly made up of cowards.

Sad, but true!

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