In Saudi Arabia? One Swish of the Sword

This fellow Umar Farooq bludgeoned his 3-month old daughter to death and he’s still alive. Waiting for, I presume, “the law to take its own course”, whatever that means.

And what if he escapes? We know how reputed our prisons are. They might allow him “just this once” to go for a movie, do some shopping and wallop some mutton gosht and a couple of biryanis and its “Farooq’s Day Out’ never to return.

Guess what they’d do in a country like say, Saudi Arabia? Flog him first, then chop off his hands, and perhaps his balls too considering the act was so despicable. And crowds would come to watch the event, pretty much like the IPL, but with no cheerleaders, unfortunately.

I read in the papers that he was beaten up by the inmates of Bangalore’s Central Prison where he’s lodged and that none wants to share the cell with this cold-blooded killer. The guards and wardens in the jail are keeping a close watch because they sense that he might get beaten up again given half-a-chance.

Come to think of it, this ruthless act of Farooq’s makes Jack the Ripper sound like Wile E. Coyote, that cunning fox from the comic strip ‘The Road Runner’.

I don’t know how many months it will take before Umar Farooq is brought to trial. And then, it will drag on and on and on forever. In India it happens all the time, we all know that. It’s kind of customary. We have the Court Vacations, the Judge goes on leave, the lawyer falls sick, the advocates go on strike, even as the prison authorities go into some sort of hibernation. And finally, there are the periodic Judge transfers which can set the clock back quite a bit.

Finally, if and when there is a conviction in the next 15 years or so, and let’s assume he’s sentenced to death by hanging, Farooq will find himself at the end of a long ‘Q’.

Then this rubbish of mercy petitions will be filed, His/Her Excellency, the President of India will then sit on it for a few years, again, this is pretty much customary for President’s to do. By then it’ll be time to elect another President and he/she has to follow his/her predecessor – sit on it.

Flying around across the globe with family, not to mention the cooks, the chefs, the bhel-puri wala, the gardener, the shoe-shine boy, the ‘istriwalla’, the neighbors, long-lost cousins and a host of others in Big Boeings at tax-payers cost is more fun.

Now, three – actually, four – things can happen. Farooq will either die of old age; the other inmates will poison him or beat him to death; he can bribe his way and drive out in a City Taxi waiting outside the prison gates; or, like Andy Dufrense in the popular movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ dig his way out to freedom.

If he opts for the last one, he’d better start ASAP.

I have a better suggestion. Why have blood on our hands? Why waste tax-payers money on lawyers? Send the bugger to Saudi Arabia or hand him over to the Taliban (with a little help from our Indian Muslim community) and let “law take its own course”.

One swish of the curved sword and the chap is a gonner!

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