Marry, Marry; Not from CPM but…

Ah! This is too much.

A Minister from West Bengal’s ruling party, Trinamool Congress (TMC) has asked party workers to ‘say No to any sort of relationship with the Communist Party Marxist (CPM). No marriage, no relationship, no girlfriends/boyfriends, no puppy love, no chatting in tea stalls or attend social gatherings organized by the CPM. Apparently, this is now laid down party policy.

The TMC has vowed to boycott CPM totally so as to ensure the party workers build resolve amongst themselves.

Which means if a lady CPM worker is offering her ‘oomph’ on a plate, the TMC worker should turn his face the otherway. Maximum they can do is get a close look, but no touching or feeling. Of course, if no one is around watching, a ‘quickie’ may be in order, but don’t get caught if you want your sex life in tact.

It’s conditions such as these that makes me wonder, what the hell do we elect people for? To tell me what I can do, what I can’t? I thought India was a free, democratic nation. We are called ‘Citizens of India’ and we are bestowed with certain Fundamental Rights. And these Fundamental Rights cannot be vetoed by political set-ups.

I keep asking the question, are we a global nation and if so, when and where did we begin? Is the world really looking up to us as a would-be super power in the years to come, and if yes, which angle of vision are they seeing from?

The CPM, according to the TMC, destroyed growth in West Bengal. And this super-brainer of an idea is how the TMC intends to revive the fortunes of the State? Will they chop off you-know-what in Taliban-style? Who the hell are they anyway?

Other than the TMC there have been lots of do’s and dont’s diktats from many political parties in the recent past. None, however, has given priority to growth, development and elimination of poverty. Oh, programmes and policies have been written on reams of paper and gallons of ink poured into them. The whole idea is to get sanctions for funds and live happily ever after.

You didn’t know that? How silly can you get!

I’m reminded of an old Chinese saying – Out of a Dog’s mouth will never come Ivory Tusks.

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